Are you planning on going to NYC for the holidays?

Are you planning on going to New York City for the Thanksgiving or Xmas holidays? Try going over to Byrant Park for ice skating with the kids and then the outdoor bar for the adults. They let the kids in as well. Nothing screams a Family Xmas Holiday in New York City like hot chocolate

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Our Bio

We are a family of four who loves to eat, drink, parent, educate and travel as a family and with friends. We don't really look at our travels as vacations but as creating memorable experiences to cherish. We absolutely love exploring the world with our children to expose them to the wonders of this world.

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National Geographic Encounter

Experience at the National Geographic Encounter in New York

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Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort

Villas, Wine and Beautiful Grounds! So I have mixed reviews- I love this property, but it's not worth the steep price that I've seen...so if you get a good deal I would go and enjoy! I've been here several times and I've always stayed in the villas. The grounds are gorgeous, well manicured, flowers blooming

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