THIS MORNING AT BREAKFAST I ALMOST LOST MY SHIT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. Have you ever had one of those moments that you feel as if your head is about to explode and the only way to release the pressure would be by blowing the hell up in front of everyone and not giving a shit what people think? Look, I love being with my boys. It is amazing. What we are doing is amazing but constantly trying to do everything for them, looking for things for them to do, finding places for them to eat, to put smiles on their faces, and all you want in return is for them to behave for the next 10 minutes so you can peacefully eat your breakfast so you can have enough energy to make the rest of their day great. That is all I want but it seems so hard for them just to leave each other alone for 10 freaking minutes and not complain about who said what or who looked at who the wrong way. OMG. I didnt know whether I was going to flip a table or blow my top in front of everyone in the Marriott lounge. Just about when all hell was about to boil over, an elderly man came over, put his hand on my shoulder, sat down next to me, and said, “Ive seen you and your boys here everyday for the past 5 days having breakfast. You have a great pair of kids. Your boys say good morning to everyone. They are courteous. I see how you are with them. You are a great father. Keep it up”. By him saying that, all of a sudden the pressure in my head and tension in my neck started to go away. My tear ducts were about to start flowing. I said thank you and we started a pleasant conversation about parenting, travel, and Endinburgh.
I am so happy he came over. I needed a reminder what good kids they are. I have to remind myself that Nico is only 7 and David only 12. I guess being alone with them for the past 6 days was starting to get to me but after this morning, I feel it will be better. I know our Instagram and Facebook feed looks like sunshine and roses but we do have issues here and there.
I think we have all been there. Next time I see a parent struggling, I will see if I can go over and say something nice. That may just be the thing that parent needs to get thru the day with a smile.
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Have you almost lost it? What happened that stopped you?

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