Get married and throw a wedding in Los Angeles or travel the world as a family for 6 months?



We have been together for 13 years and engaged for 11.5 years. In these 13 years we have become parents of two wonderful boys. We have always had the thought of getting married in the back of our heads but we have also always had the thought of slow traveling for a long period of time.

Let’s do some comparison on weddings and slow traveling.

We have a guest list of between 250 to 300 must have invitations. These numbers will based on the average numbers of our wedding guest. We have a lot of people we would have to invite, even that critical family member that is going to complain about their free food has to be invited. 

Invitations  $1250 OR our tickets to Barcelona on Norwegian Airlines @$350 each. $1400 RT tickets


DJ: Cost $1200 OR cost of groceries in Spain for 2 months

Band: $2500 OR  $100 per person $400 total x’s 6 excursions

Photographer: $4000    OR fights to Bali roundtrip for 4 people.

Videographer: $4000  OR Bali 2 bedroom apartment for 3 months.

Flowers $3000: OR EuroRail pass, 10 days + 2 free days within 2 months $2500 for all four of us. 1st class!

Tux rental for 5 men: $800 OR Bali groceries for 3 months

Bridesmaid dresses 5: $1500 OR photography gear, laptop, drone to capture everything.

Wedding dress: $2000 (on the cheap side) OR mediterranean cruise for all four of us leaving out of Rome.

Limo: $1500 OR  medical insurance for 4 for the whole year

Bridal party dinner: $3000 OR one months rent and food in Paris

Breakfast the next morning: $3000 OR one months rent and food in Dublin

Souvenirs: $2000 OR private tutor for kids for 2 months

Photo booth: $1000 OR 4 airline tickets to Rome to Florence, and back to Barcelona

Average venue cost in Los Angeles

without food or bar: 25k to 30k OR  $2000 a month rent for a nice 2 bedroom apartment for 12- 15 months


All this adds to $60,000 OR travel the world for 6-10 months.


What would you do? If you got married and spent a ton of money, would you do it all over again? We would love to hear from you.