The Join Our Vida Loca Gift Guide for 2022




Every year we are honored to be asked what kind of gifts we recommend for people who like to travel. Each year we like to find the best gifts for that reason. We hope you enjoy the list.




Vanesa loves a cross-body, water-resistant travel bag with a lot of hidden pockets. She can’t travel without one of these bags.





If you have never used packing cubes, you are not using all of your suitcases efficiently. These little cubes are next-level packing hacks. We each have a different color and yes, you’re saving space in your suitcase and when you get to your destination you’re also saving time because you know where everything is packed. These are definitely a must-have for every seasoned traveler.





What? Only one child at a time can listen to the movie on the iPad? Which means I have to entertain the other one? Oh hell no! Buy a splitter so up to 5 kids can watch the movie on one iPad or laptop. Now mommy and daddy could enjoy their in-flight drink in peace.



We love to drink so naturally we love these diamond-shaped ice cubes.



This portable fan won’t just cool you down but it will also serve as an external battery pack and a flashlight. It’s light and a space saver. SCORE!



We travel extremely light, which means we find ourselves doing laundry wherever we go. We find that it is expensive to buy a huge bottle of detergent in different countries so we always bring our own. They are light and easy to use.



We always mention that we love space-saving items, and these foldable toothbrushes save a lot of space in our vanity bags.



Seriously, Mike, you are suggesting men’s booties? I know what you are thinking but have you been on a 10-hour flight, need to go to the bathroom, and have to wake up, find your shoes under the seat, in the dark, and have to put them on? Damn, it pisses me off. If I’m wearing these booties, no need for that. I wake up and walk to the bathroom. They are foldable and light to carry.







This is a lifesaver! You will never get to the airport and have to change things around in your luggage while people are giving you dirty ass looks while you take up their time!



This is our favorite travel outlet convertor. It is universal and has USB plugs.



No more single-use water bottles! I always use these bottles to fill up after I go thru airport security. Stop paying $8 for bottle water! It’s a waste of money! Save it for the bar at your final destination. I love these bottles because they are space savers and MONEY SAVERS! Do the math, 8 bottle waters for $3 to $6 each or pay for this reusable water bottle one time and get free water all day long!



We also like these reusable flasks to sneak into concerts and avoid paying $46 for one drink!





This travel wallet is pretty handy and useful. Of course, it keeps everything in one place but it also keeps your identity well hidden. No one can walk up to you and magically scan your credit card info.



So while we were on the road and missed going to the movies, I pulled out this mini projector. It worked great. We plugged it into our laptop or phone, bluetoothed it to our mini speaker, and pointed it to any wall. It worked beautifully.





Speaking of mini speakers, we bought this back in 2017 and we still have it. This little speaker has gone everywhere with us. If you know Mike, you’ll see him with his speaker everywhere he goes. He has dropped it, thrown it in the water, and beat the hell out of it, still works! Best investment ever. The party will never stop with this speaker!





What do you mean my American plug won’t work in Europe? Don’t just buy one, buy two or three. I love these because they are small and have USB attachments. If your family is anything like my family we all are very connected. Save yourself from the arguments and get each family member their own.





Portable Charger: The last thing you want is to be standing in front of that “Bucket List” location and you pull out your phone and, OH NO, PHONE DEAD. Trust me, that moment will happen if you don’t have a portable battery charger, no one will ever believe you went there. Remember, it doesn’t count if it’s not on Facebook or Instagram.  





I’m not sure, but when I sleep on a plane, I get chapped lips. I hate it. I like using some sort of lip balm, and I especially like a flavored one. Eco Lips lip balms are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified, and made from 100% edible food-grade ingredients. Totally worth it.



Hell no, do we want to get sick before or after getting on a plane. To us, every little thing helps. We take these tablets to try and give our immune system a fighting chance. The last thing we want is to be sick in the room while everyone else is on the beach having fun.



Carry on! I’m not into looks or name brands but this carry-on is great! Light and easy to pack



There are some of us that have sensitive skin and when you start using a soap that your body isn’t accustomed to, it could be a very uncomfortable gamble. Vanesa is one of those people so she has to bring her own soap. We use this easy, and light collapsable soap carrier. It’s easy to pack and carry. No more gambling with your comfort. Now you can bring your own soap.



When you are in foreign bathrooms, they may not have the best essentials for that booty care. Whether you are on a plane, in a cafe, or out in a forest, these are handy for that fanny. You heard of “self-care”, think of “booty care”.



I love organizers! I always take one in my bag on the plane because you never know if and when you’ll get your luggage. Always carry extra toothbrushes and essentials with you at all times. You never know!



We live in a messed up world, this goes without saying but I always believe in safety and deterrents. Whether you are traveling solo or with your kids, these two items are must-haves. Stay alert and safe.



Why clips? Well, when we get into a hotel and we need to desperately get some sleep in order to get accustomed to the time change, even the slightest light peeking thru the blinds will keep us up. We need it completely dark or well will get no sleep and be crouchy all day long. This is why we bring clips, so we can clip the blinds together so no amount of light will come thru at 5am.



Besides clipping the blinds together in your room or wearing an eye mask on the plane, these babies will help get you the sleep you need in order to have the energy to go exploring on your trip. We love these things. We even give them to the kids. It will definitely help to get you over being jet-lagged.



There are so many times when we would get back to our room and be completely dirty from walking around all day under the very hot and humid sun. Of course most of our clothes would be dirty so we would have to wash some in the sink and then would hang the clothes outside over some chairs. If we had had a clothesline, we could hang them and they would dry faster.



Speaking of washing your clothes! These laundry strips are a great suggestion from Maryann B. These strips are eco-friendly and extremely convenient to travel with. Never be without clean clothes on your trip.



When we were in Greece and Portugal for 7 weeks, my speaker handle broke. This means I had to hold my speaker in my hand all the time! How am I going to take selfies with my hands tied up? My friend had an extra one of these bendable wires! It was a life saver! I wrapped it around my little speaker, which is listed in this list, and then hooked it to my backpack. It was so strong, it never let loose. They are light, easy to pack, and really convenient when you will need it. Trust!



Your kids may complain about traveling but when they get home, they will be very excited about scratching off the places you guys visited. This is a must-have.



Whenever anyone comes over to our place and they try our weighted cooling blanket, omg, not only do they not want to leave, they want to take a nap right then and there. If you have never tried a weighted blanket, you have not leveled up on this thing called “life”. Dearly beloved, get a weighted blanket!