To be totally transparent, we want to let you know that Seat Sitters sent us this product to try out in exchange for an honest review.

We will be honest with ya, we were a little hesitant to try it out because we thought, “How will we look using this?” After doing a little research on why people would use this product, I’m so happy to use it and don’t care what people think now.

We opened up the package, took the Seat Sitter out, and found that it conveniently hugged the airplane loveseat. At first it kind of annoyed the person behind us because we accidentally covered up his monitor, but after we adjusted it, it was fine. Not only was it fine, but he actually got up and asked us what this seat cover was. We pretty much told him it was a condom for airplane seats. We both had a good chuckle.

My wife and I liked how the package came with a tray cover, an allergy mask, disinfectant wipes, and crayons for the kids. We noticed people walking down the aisle to their seats behind us all looking at our Seat Sitter. Ninety-nine percent of them did not know what it was, but many of them asked and said it was such a wonderful idea. When one person asked if we were germaphobes, I responded with, “No, but if you see what people actually do in these seats 24/7, 365 days a year, you would also want to use one of these. I’d rather lick a gym floor than sit in these seats without a cover from now on.” Just imagine all the feet, skin, and crop-dusting farts that go into these seats. Our kids even put their food and toys on these tray tables. Yuck!

We are never flying again without a Seat Sitter. We loved it and definitely recommend it to family and friends who are considering flying.

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