It is very rare to ever meet the person(s) who have inspired you to do what you love to do. How often does a young basketball player ever meet Michael Jordan, or a young astronaut ever meet Buzz Aldrin to say thank you? That is very rare. This year we sold our home, furniture, car, clothes, TVs and Nico’s favorite sippy cup to take our kids out of school and travel the world. We were inspired by a Facebook page called, “We are Worldschoolers” managed by Lainie Liberti and her son, Miro. She is partly responsible for helping us make the decision to travel the world and “Worldschool” our kids. We were thrilled to find out she was in Playa Del Carmen the same time we were there and reached out to her. We asked if we could have lunch with her and possibly do a podcast with her. We were ecstatic when she said yes.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is our podcast with the person who helped steer our ship…. Lainie Liberti, “We are Worldschoolers.”

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