How young is too young to travel? David is 12 and Nico is 7. When they were only 5 years old and 8 months old, Vanesa had to go to Philly for work and since she was still nursing we had to tag along. The weather was horrible. The city of brotherly love was cold, raining, and windy but while Vanesa has to go to meeting all day long, us three boys wanted to see what the city was all about and decided to take it in. What does David remember?

I always say, the earlier the better to get them used to traveling. David starting jumping on planes from as young as one years old. Nico started on planes as early as 6 months old. They now know the system of getting out of the car, grabbing their bag, waiting on the airport curb and walk over to the security line. They know the routine of taking all electronics out, walking thru the medal detectors and waiting for their bags on the other side. Since we are Chase Sapphire Reserve card holders, we have spoiled them with lounge access so every airport we walk into, they always ask, “is there a lounge here”.  It is a little funny seeing how spoiled these kids have gotten.

Take your kids everywhere. Traveling will open up there eyes and allow them to see how others see the world. You never know, you may be shaping the mind and inspiring a future world leader.

If you ever find yourself in the same city as us, please drop us a line.

Que vive the vida chula! #JoinOurVidaLoca